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Boiler Services

PBJ Engineering Services offers bespoke comprehensive services for sites, such as thermal hydrolysis plants, shell-type steam boilers, sludge dewatering processes, complete system contracts, BOAS coverage, and water treatment.

Installation & Maintenance

  We supply, install and maintain equipment to best practice across a range of site functions and process engineering disciplines:

  • thermal hydrolysis plants

  • shell type steam boilers

  • sludge dewatering processes

  • water treatment equipment

  • whole system improvements

  • coil cleaning

  • heat exchanger cleaning

We highly recommend service cleans to maintain operating efficiency and prevent avoidable issues. A thorough clean and consistent maintenance prevents the potential build-up of debris caused by years of service.  Five key items to watch-out for:

  1. Frequent breakdowns - Regular malfunctions signal wear and tear.

  2. Inconsistent performance - Fluctuating heat or steam production could mean internal issues.

  3. Visible damage - Leaks, cracks, or corrosion are clear red flags.

  4. Increased energy bills - A less efficient boiler consumes more energy.

  5. Ageing Equipment - If your boiler is over a decade old, it's time to assess its condition.

Personnel and site safety is paramount.  We advise on best practice for your facility and operations team:

Producing local operating procedures: We assist in developing clear, concise, and site-specific operating procedures, ensuring safe and efficient daily operations.

Company boiler house audit forms: Our team helps create tailored audit forms, making it easier for you to check and maintain safety standards regularly.

HSE-compliant bespoke boiler house log books: Keep detailed logs with our custom log books, designed to comply with Health and Safety Executive (HSE) regulations.


Boiler water treatment log books: Track and manage your boiler water treatment processes efficiently to prevent safety hazards.

Operator training audits: We conduct thorough audits to ensure your operators are well-trained, further reducing the risk of accidents.

Site documentation compliance: Our experts ensure your site documentation meets current safety standards, keeping you compliant and protected.

360 degrees virtual plant room tours: Experience our innovative virtual tours to understand how your plant room operates, highlighting any potential safety risks and identifying areas for procedures and testing.

Boiler Overhaul

Thorough check-ups and services are key to keeping shell boilers running smoothly and safely. It may also require a complete overhaul dealing with everything from basic clean-ups to full-scale repairs.

At PBJ Engineering Services, we specialise in comprehensive boiler overhauls, ensuring your equipment operates safely and efficiently. From annual inspection preparations to chemical and scale cleaning and even complete strip downs and rebuilds, Our team of professionals will resolve any issues and ensure smooth operations.

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