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Managing Director: Paul Johnson

With over 15 years experience in the waste water industry,  I have evolved with the new technologies that have now become common place and are now found on many sites in the water industry.
Having gained extensive knowledge on many sludge treatment processes on sewage treatment works across London and the surrounding counties including running and optimising thermal hydrolysis plants along with all associated equipment including steam raising plant and power generation equipment.
My company is a member of the combustion engineering association and i have succeeded in becoming BOAS accredited for both boiler operator and boiler manager.
One of the most successful services i provide is the on site training of the thermal hydrolysis and steam boiler systems which is aimed at helping the client comply with current pressure regulations and to train staff to deal with the day to day running of these processes.

My company has expanded to include the service of installation and maintenance of all equipment. We offer bespoke installations including the fabrication of pipework of all types, with provision to include pressure testing to ensure compliance with pressure system regulations.

We have built up a good relationship with many equipment suppliers so we are able to offer spares or new parts at competitive prices, this includes equipment from valves through to process instrumentation.

We take pride in our work and will go the extra mile to ensure our clients get the job they desire. All the same time as maintaining a good health and safety regime.

We have a good system in place to satisfy CDM regs for required documentation.



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